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Next Meeting – June 3rd at 7pm

“The Best Camera is the one You Have with You”

By: Jerry Hug


Location: Mayslake Peabody Estate

  • Name a device that can take incredible photographs, is small and very portable, it fits in a pocket, and you always have it with you…It’s your cell phone of course.  In days past we bought cell phones for easy and quick communication and as a safety factor when we were traveling.  Now most of us have replaced land lines with our mobile phones and often we now buy a mobile phone for its camera first and everything else, second.
  • Jerry Hug was one of the first photographers we know to take up the mobile phone not just as a camera to have in a pinch, but as a very valuable creative device of its own.  Jerry will show us some of his favorite techniques, apps, and tips for mobile phone use as a vital camera and creative tool.
  • Jerry Hug has been a photographer for 50 years. His works have appeared in the Chicago Cultural Center, the main Rotunda of the Thompson State of Illinois Building in Chicago and numerous galleries across the country. His works have been nationally published and are in included in various private collections on the North Shore. Jerry has won various awards for his photography through the greater Chicago area.
  • Jerry recently served as the Vice President and Public Relations Director of the Photographic Society of America.

Future Meetings and Events:

  • July 1st: “Look Up For a New Photo Adventure – Night Skies Photography” – Don Carter
  • August 5th: Non-Competitive Critiques

What We Offer

What We Offer





We meet the first Monday of every month throughout the whole year, and then 4 times a year, competition is held on the third Monday of the Month. We meet the whole year, not stopping for the summer months as some other Club will do.  View our scheduled meetings and events in our calendar

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