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Next Meeting – March 20th at 7 pm

Digital and Print Competitions

Location: Fullersburg Woods Meeting Building – The temporary home of MNSPC!

For those of you submitting images: (please read the complete competition rules and guidelines on the club website.)

  • DPI: entries must be submitted to the competition mailbox (competitionmlnpc@gmail.com) – by Monday, March 6, 2023. We are now using the CACCA DPI sizing of 1400 pixels (maximum width including borders) by 1050 pixels (maximum height including border) in the sRGB color space. Image Commentary Cards are not required. A thin border (not greater than 5 pixels per side) is recommended for DPI images.
  • Prints: entries should be mounted on a 14×11 board and be brought to the meeting site on the night of competition. See the club website for sizing and mounting instructions. The forms for each competition print are to be submitted on the night of the competition. These are the links for the Print Identification Card and Label for Print to be submitted with the mounted print. If you cannot attend the print competition, please send your prints with paperwork via a friend. Please hand in prints and paperwork by 6:40 pm so that committee members can get everything organized and ready to go by 7 pm.

    Future Meetings:

    • April 3rd: “Africa” by David Schooley
    • May 1st: Club Picnic

    What We Offer

    What We Offer





    We meet the first Monday of every month throughout the whole year, and then 4 times a year, competition is held on the third Monday of the Month. We meet the whole year, not stopping for the summer months as some other Club will do.  View our scheduled meetings and events in our calendar

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