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Next Meeting – March 4th at 7pm

Program: Birds in the Garden: Creating and Enjoying a Bird Oasis

by Pam Karlson

Location: Mayslake Peabody Estate

  • Inviting birds into gardens by creating habitat is a joyful way to connect with nature and help support birds and pollinators. This presentation features Pam Karlson’s photos from her Chicago bird garden habitat she created, illustrating how it’s possible to attract over 100 bird species.
  • Tips include landscape enhancements, practices and plant selection, with an emphasis on native plants. Chicagoland’s location along the migratory route, bird species diversity, habitat, diet/foraging, nesting, supplemental support and community science will also be discussed.
  • Doug Tallamy’s “Nature’s Best Hope: A New Approach to Conservation That Starts in Your Yard” and Emily Murphy’s “Grow Now: How We Can Save Our Health, Communities, and Planet – One Garden at a Time” includes Pam’s garden habitat, exemplifying the power of urban lots.
  • Pam Karlson is a career artist and certified professional gardener & garden designer through the School of the Chicago Botanic Garden. As a public speaker and educator, she advocates for wildlife habitat creation, restoration and preservation. In addition to her professional work, Pam has been rescuing migratory birds since 2004 as a volunteer with licensed wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization.

Future Meetings and Events:

  • March Photo Compition:  Date to be determined.
  • April 1st: Joshua Smith – “Slow Photos: Using Long Exposures to Imply Movement”
  • May 6th: Members Party -Awards and Image of the Year Results

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What We Offer





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