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Next Meeting – June 7th at 7pm

Program: Singing Insects

Presented By: Carl Strang

  • Some of you may remember Carl Strang from his many years of being the MNSPC’s Liaison, with the DuPage Forest Preserve.  When Carl retired from being a naturalist with DuPage County, his work did not stop. He continued his research on Singing Insects and since 2006, he has documented the presence of singing insects in 22 countries of Chicago, southeastern Wisconsin and part of Michigan. As well as complying the annual guide to the Chicago region.  The four major groups of insects that sing are the Katydids, Cicadas, Grasshoppers and Crickets. Singing insects are special in that each species produces a unique sound and so can be identified by their singing.  
  • Carl’s presentation will describe some of the most common, rare and interesting species along with conservation concerns, range expansions and other relevant topic.
  • Online Zoom Meeting
  • A registration link will be sent before the meeting

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