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Next Meeting – April 5th at 7pm

Program: Crusin’ Calumet

Where Natural Areas and Industry Clash

Presented By: Jessica Becker

  •  Jessica Becker graduated in 2014 with a degree in Zoology from the University of Wyoming. It was a tropical ecology course in Ecuador in 2013 that sparked her love for birding. After graduation she continued to use her knowledge of ecology and local wildlife to support research, but also began using it to educate others about the unique wilderness around them, even in Chicagoland. Today, she works for the Forest Preserves of Cook County as a Program Specialist who helps connect people with nature through hands on environmental education. You can catch her on her monthly webcast “Ask a Bird Nerd” and (when COVID allows) leading bird walks around the southern parts of Cook County. She is admittedly not a good photographer, but can direct you to some of the best site.

What We Offer

What We Offer





We meet the first Monday of every month throughout the whole year, and then 4 times a year, competition is held on the third Monday of the Month. We meet the whole year, not stopping for the summer months as some other Club will do.  View our scheduled meetings and events in our calendar

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