Competition Rules and Guidelines


The Mayslake Photography and Nature Study Club usually holds image competitions four times a year, once each quarter. The Club year runs from May thru April. Competitions are coordinated by the Competition Chairperson who can be reached via email at .

The Club’s competitions have a two-fold purpose: to increase members’ knowledge of nature by observing and recording things they have found, and to increase members’ photographic skills. The ideal nature image shows a significant aspect of natural history combined with good photography.

It is assumed that images or prints submitted for Competition can be selected for use in the CACCA Inter-Club and PSA Competitions unless the maker excludes them by notifying the Competition Chairperson,  CACCA or PSA representatives.

See below for further specific information and guidelines.

Why compete?

“Competing with other photographers helps you gauge your skill progress and understand how you can improve your images, both artistically and technically. Because competition forces you to look at images more critically … to better see those issues that otherwise would seem relatively unimportant. Regular participation in competition trains your eye to see these small details and also contributes to your knowledge of how to correct them.  Judge’s comments and group discussion during the critique of images can provide specific constructive criticism to help you not only identify areas for improvement but also understand what you can do take your photography to the next level.”Fred Dury Past President, MNSPC

Competition Rules and Entry Guidelines

Image Size Requirements for Prints and Digital Images

Mayslake Image Identification Card and Labels for prints

Click on the above links to read detailed guidelines on competition categories, classes, image content, paperwork, judging, honors and qualifying for external competitions.  The image identification card are to be filled out prior to competitions and handed to the competition chair to record scoring data and present any additional image information.  Fill out the print labels and tape or glue to the top left on the back of submitted prints.

General Instructions for Preparing Digital Files
Instructions for Preparing Digital Files – LightRoom
Instructions for Preparing Digital Files – Photoshop

Instructions on How to Name Files for Posting to Mayslake Nature Study & Photography Club Flickr Site

The above links provide you with some suggestions for preparing images for competition for prints and digital images.  Instructions are provided for preparing digital files using both Photoshop and Lightroom.

Once all your images are prepared attach all your images to an Email and send to:   Bring the image identification cards and entry forms to the competition.

Images that receive competition honors that the image maker would like displayed on the MNSPC Flickr site should be renamed and sent per the above instructions.

The above link provides information about Non-competitive Image Critiques that are held from time-to-time through-out the year.  Non-competitive Image Critiques provide an opportunity for members to prepare and submit images for review by a panel of judges.  The images will not be scored, and the makers will not be identified by name.  The judges will offer their comments on the images’ technical and artistic merit and their impact.  They will also offer suggestions which they believe could have been used to improve the image.

CACCA Judging Guidelines

For more information about CACCA Judging Guidelines visit the CACCA Website.