Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Join?

It’s easy!! Contact us via email: Or join us for a meeting. Our Membership Chair will be there to greet you and get you signed up.

How much are club dues?

The club annual dues are $30 per person or $45 for a couple.

When and where does the club meet?

MNSPC (the club) usually meets in the Mayslake Hall at Mayslake Peabody Estates in Oakbook, IL. Due to the pandemic we meet via Zoom online conference.
We meet the first Monday of every month throughout the whole year, and then 4 times a year, competition is held on the third Monday of the Month. We meet the whole year, not stopping for the summer months as some other Club will do. The schedule for the up-and-coming meetings can be found on the Events alendar

What happens at the meetings?

Both photo and nature subjects are presented at the meeting, for you to learn and enhance both your photography and knowledge of the world we live in.

How many competitions are held each year?

There are 4 competitions per year for digital images. When meeting in person we also have print competitions. Experienced photographers will crtique images and provide constructive feedback to help you improve. Images are also submitted to the Chicago Area Camera Club competitions to judge how they compare to images from other clubs. Images may also be entered into Photographic Society of America competitions to compete against images from other regions. You can enter in all 4 competitions or even just one.
In addition to formal competitions, the Club may host a non-competitive critique with an opportunity to submit images for comment by a panel of judges

Where can I find more guidelines on competitions?

The guidelines for judging, entry and submission of digital and print images are on our website at Competition Rules and Guidelines. Refer to Dates of Mayslake competitions are included on the calendar.

Any additional information about the outings?

Throughout the year, the Club sponsors photo outings to various locations of interest to photographers. Besides the great photo opportunities, outings are a way to meet Club members and learn from each other in the field. Most are day shoots but occasionally there are some overnight trips.

How do I find out about the outings?

As a part of the Club you will be included in all email announcements for Outings. In addition, as a member we encourage you to join the MNSPC to receive additional information about ad hoc outings that member may arrange on short term notice. Members also share the outing photos on the MNSPC

What is the ``Focus``?

The Focus is the club’s monthly newsletter. You will receive a monthly email of the Club newsletter which contains information on program schedules, outings reports, training and education, special events and other items of interest to Club members

How do I get the newsletter?

The Club will send the newsletter via email which will be coming from the club Publication Chairperson via Be sure to also add this address to your contacts, so it does not end up in you spam folder!

What other communication tools do you use?

The Mayslake Nature Study & Photography Club also uses to provide club members a channel to communicate of time-sensitive information that could be of interest to members. This includes information about education opportunities, equipment news and sales, photo opportunities. This moderated group is open to only Mayslake Nature Study & Photography club members in good standing.

What is the MLNSPC Flickr site?

Competition images that win Awards and Honorable Mention will be added to the Mayslake Nature Study & Photography (MLNPC) website via a link to a Mayslake Nature Study & Photography Flickr site.
Online Exhibit images and other special event photos are also available on the Flicker site.

What if I do not want my images on Flickr?

Flickr images cannot be downloaded and are copyrighted with All Rights Reserved. Members that do NOT want the images posted to the Flickr site ask the Webmaster to not post their images.

Do I have to be a professional photographer to join?

No you do not need to be a profesional photogrpaher. One of the goals of the Mayslake Nature Study & Camera Club is to have fun at doing what is enjoyable in the spirit of friendly competition and sharing of knowledge. To this end, the club meetings are friendly and open, conducted in a casual atmosphere where everyone is welcome to participate as fully as they like.

Can I still join your club if I just bought my first camera and do not know how to use it.

Of course! Our club has members that are from beginner to expert. We welcome all levels of photographers to observe, learn and share.